The first hostel to accommodate
and feed communication
ideas and projects

Hostal Clementina is a multidisciplinary space created in 2016 by the Clementina communications agency. It is in the centre of Barcelona and has all comforts needed so that your guests can sit down and communicate as though they were at home.

Hostal Clementina has ideal facilities for sharing, creating and producing ideas through working meetings, presentations, conferences and short filming. These include meeting rooms, a sound studio and a Main Hall. It also has a creativity service, making it possible for any experience to take shape. There is just one “but”: you can’t stay here and sleep (for now).

Everything you need to
communicate like
you are at home

For us, a hostel must make you feel at home. Many do this by offering welcoming accommodation and home cooking. At Hostal Clementina we aim to do it by offering a space with everything you need to communicate, share and discover innovative ideas, and produce them in a welcoming environment. Just like being at home.


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